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About Wild Times Education

Wild Times Education Programs - "Bringing the wild to you!"

Wild Times Education Programs is an innovative opportunity for children and adults in the New Orleans and surrounding areas to learn hands on about some of nature's most interesting wildlife, up close and personal.   The goal of the program is to introduce children to different wild and domestic animal species and to help children realize they can help protect these animals. Through the use of stunning photography and interactive tools and games, children will get to learn about polar bears, sea turtles, elephants, wolves, etc. in a fun and educational manner.  Each presentation will end with a current status of the animal in question.  The goal is for children to develop empathy and compassion for different animal species and thus the desire to protect their habitats. Learning about animals and their behaviors and the traits that have developed for survival, helps people to truly understand that animal.  It’s this understanding that I hope will lead children and adults, alike, to work towards protecting our planet and the animals and plants that live here.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone - children or adults who desire to learn more about animals in the wild. The presentations are geared for children as young as 3 and 4 years of age to older students and adults. Although this program is being geared for school age children, the materials and games are adaptable to all sorts of groups. Just let me know about your specific needs and I'm sure we can work together.

I have presented my materials to Girl Scout and Brownie troops as well as to senior residents at Lambeth House.  I’ve also presented to homeschool groups and hope to work with the Waldorf School.  Even though I utilize Powerpoint presentations, it is not necessary. The biofacts and stories speak for themselves.  I’d also love to do more work with the elderly and those in nursing homes and memory care centers.

What is the cost for this program?

The cost for a 30 minutes presentation is $50.00.  I often spend closer to 45 minutes on my talks, but I do not charge for that.  I have done back to back sessions at various summer camps and for some schools’ conference camps.  So give me a call and set up a time for one of my available presentations. I'd love to come to your school or facility and present about the amazing wildlife we have living on our planet.

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